Aardvark Excavators are the one stop shop for all your civil contracting needs


Aardvark Excavators have several qualified and experienced drain layers. Our team have the experience to complete a variety of drainage related jobs, residential and commercial, small and big. Our 3 qualified drainlayers with the company that can sign off all of our work.

We have built a good relationship with government authorities and the consultants to deliver your drainage project smoothly.

We can offer cheaper solutions and ideas to drainage related problems.


Aardvark Excavators highly skilled operators pride themselves on their ability to form your next site’s shape. Aardvark Excavators has a wide range of diggers, compactors and a bulldozer to move 10s of thousands of cubes or, if required, only a few cube.

We have tilt attachments on our diggers that can shape up batters beautifully, bench retaining walls edges and flatten off house pads.

Or,  if required, our large machines can load out onto one of our truck and trailers.

Aardvark Excavators

Roading and concrete/paved driveways

Aardvark Excavators has state of the art technology with a total station linked to the grader to form 3D shapes with ease. Along with a water cart and static and vibration rollers, Aardvark can shape and finish asphalt roads and concrete driveways to plans and specifications.

Whether its private or public, Aardvark can build it.

We work closely with the best concrete layers and pavers to give you the look you are after.


Site Services and Surveying

Aardvark Excavators can install and project manage the utilities to your next development. As built drawing and set out can be provided from our survey team.

Aardvark have several GPSs and a total station which can all be interpreted and drawn with our CAD software.

The engineers in our team have been trained to survey and have many years of practical experience which enable them to work closely with consultants to resolve site issues.


Aardvark Excavators have the multiple steel bodied trucks, big and small machines with demolition attachments and skilled experienced operators for demolition jobs.

We can clear sites, demolish bridges, residential houses and roads.

There is no need to go to several different contractors for your development. Aardvark Excavators are the all-in-one contractor that can get your project out of the ground.


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